Product description

LED 25W dimmable


With the XT-A lamp programme a second stylistic approach joins the already successful GO XT office lamp programme. Also based on OSA glare-suppression technology, the lamp head with its combination of aluminium and plastic possesses a new and very flat and elegant aesthetic quality. The intensity of the effect is very high, as with GO XT as well. The illumination density at the lamp head is optimal with 800 cd/qm at 65°. Environmental protection considerations and the latest LED technology developments have informed the design of this line. For that reason, in order to meet today’s to some extent very ambitious electricity consumption specifications in lighting competitions, we have developed a new much extended lamp head for luminescent materials in addition to a compact floor lamp head. Not only was the result amazing but at the same time the design form seemed to us to be perfectly suited for fashioning an LED office lamp. Both lamps consume very little electricity and possess very strong lighting capacity so that two workstations can be fully illuminated with one lamp. And even if the purchase price for office lamps is higher and will also remain that way for the foreseeable future it also has opportunities in the office market. Among other things, there are also advantages due to the possibility of being able to turn direct or indirect light off separately. The programme comprises both floor lamps, ceiling lamps as well as wall lamps with approximately the same aesthetic features and has been designed for T5 and LED light. The floor lamp is fitted with a newly developed movement sensor that picks up presence very precisely. In addition, it swivels and thus has a targeted reach of up to six metres. The sensor control is integrated in a standard manner in the lamp. Different modes as well as turning off the movement sensor are possible.

The new line of office lighting XT-A LED OSA is based on the idea of using a large number of LEDs which are deglared by means of the OSA grid already used for the XT-A fluorescent luminaires. The luminaires produce large quantities of glare-free, brilliant-white light (3500 K, CRI > 85) with various dimming and switching options (including sensor control) and without generating multiple shadows. Together with standby consumption that has been reduced to just 0.2 watts, the luminaires meet even the strictest eco-requirements. With XT-A LED OSA, there is now a line of LED office luminaires on the market that has no need to fear comparison with its fluorescent counterparts.

In terms of quality of light and energy efficiency, our new XT-A LED OSA office lighting line is a vast improvement on fluorescent equivalents. A brilliant-white light with a high level of colour rendering (3500K, CRI85) is totally glare free due to the LED OSA grid and is used efficiently without creating multiple shadows. Our LEDs reflect the colour spectrum more fully than standard fluorescent lighting, allowing better and more vivid colour rendering. The XT-A FLOOR LED OSA has been designed to replace a typical 4x 55 W floor lamp. An integrated sensor control allows additional energy saving. Various dimming and switching options mean that direct or indirect lighting is possible. In contrast to fluorescent lighting, direct and indirect lighting in LED lamps can be switched on separately from one another.

iF product design award 2010
reddot design award 2013