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G53, 60W/8°, 48000cd, 1A (warm white)
G53, 60W/24°, 8500cd, 1A (warm white)
G53, 60W/45°, 2800cd, 1A (warm white)
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The GO SPOT series has been conceived for use with a variety of lamp types. Available either as individual fixtures or for use with standard 3-circuit tracks as well as with the GO TRACK / GO MINITRACK 3-circuit track systems. Depending on the lamp type, the SPOT is available in two sizes: the GO MINISPOT for 60W mains halogen, 50W low voltage halogen and 35W metal halide; and the GO SPOT for max.75W low voltage halogen and 70W metal halide. Due to the versatile design the spots can be combined with one another and can also be used in combination with the GO office lighting system in order to create an integrated system.

GO MINISPOT is a downsized spotlight (in size and design) for different bulbs and uses. It can be used with medium-voltage and low-voltage halogens as well as with metal vapour bulbs. It is usable as a single spotlight or multiple spotlight or in the GO TRACK and GO MINITRACK busbars as well as in the euro 3-phase busbars. GO MINISPOT can be rotated by almost 360° and swivelled by 90°. It is de-glared with a honeycomb adapter when used as a medium-voltage spotlight.