Product description

enhance the acoustic climate αw: up to 0,9
clean and filter toxic substances (like formaldehyde)
allergy free (no mites!)
dirt-repellent and self-cleaning
100% recycling
available in white, silver, caramel and anthracite
ask for other qualities and colours
flame retardant

Material: Tirolean sheep wool and binders
Size: 1,2 cm (inch 0,47) thick, 90/90 cm (inch 35,43) wide

mounting: nail to clusterboard or wood structures

Product family


Because they are beloved. The fleecy clouds.
Whisperwool®, an acoustically effective ceiling and wall panelling made of natural Tyrolean sheep wool. Whisperwool® is easy to install, seamless to mount, flexible in application, highly sound-absorbing, and even healthy! Whisperwool® is 100% recyclable and is made from wool which would otherwise be scarcely usable and normally discarded. The 90x90 cm and 3 kg light panels are available in two natural tones (grey, and natural white). Whisperwool® panels are malleable and can be curved, facilitating applications in harmony with modern architecture. With Whisperwool®, not only are the joints and seams invisible, but also ventilation grilles, light fixtures, and access panels. The range of applications for the acoustic panels is diverse. Thanks to Whisperwool®, offices and conference rooms, lecture halls and kindergartens all become calm, acoustically quiet spaces.