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Fantasy sand stone
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Leather tiles

The Fantasy collection stands out thanks to its technical excellence, which makes it the ideal complement to any kind of interiors. Available in a vast range of colours, Fantasy is the leading collection in terms of duration, high chemical and physical resistance and top safety levels. It is made from selected full-grain cowhides, chrome-tanned, aniline-dyed and finished with water-soluble products. Fantasy guarantees excellent resistance to light and wear and tear and, thanks to special treatments with protective substances, it is also water resistant. On request, additional fireproofing products can be applied to the product to increase its resistance to fire.
Its technical qualities and visual impact make Fantasy the reference collection for the contract industry and furnishings in particularly difficult areas, such as public zones, offices or bathrooms. Fantasy can also be used as a floor covering in bedrooms and boats, as long as it is trodden on only by bare feet.
Despite its good resistance to the light, direct exposure to the sun should however be avoided and it should not be placed near sources of heat.