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Concord Chair
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Product description

Height: 109cm
Depth: 79 cm
Width: 95 cm
Side depth: 48 cm
Side height: 38 cm
Cushion filling: Cold foam
Covering: Leather, fabric, microfibre
Legs: Aluminium

Concord – now with a neck rest

Now there is good news for all design lovers who have a need for a restful moment. The Danish furniture company Stouby is expanding the Concord range with a new version of the Concord chair, which incorporates a neck rest. The chair has been designed by Thomas Pedersen and will be presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013.

This is a natural progression of the Concord series by the innovative designer Thomas Pedersen who collaborated with Stouby Furniture A/S on the development of the original Concord chair. The chair, which takes it inspiration from the legendary passenger plain, is known for its extreme comfort and now made even more relaxing with the addition of a neck rest.

Stouby Furniture has over the past few years experienced a rising demand on the Nordic market for stylish design which focuses equally on comfort and as a result of this they have decided to add this new design item to the Concord collection, which currently consists of Concord, Concord Low as well as the coffee table range Cirrus and Cumulus. The various designs in the Concord range supplement each other as they have been made with the same type of frame, which creates a light and floating expression and yet each individual product maintains versatile f suitable for individual needs.

“I would like to emphasize the comfort of the Concord chair and therefore this move signifies a natural development in the series. With the addition of the neck rest we have created a furniture, which gives very good support for the body when it is in a leaning and restful position. Furthermore the neck rest visually breaks the line of the wide back which gives the design a more dynamic expression,” explains Thomas Pedersen.

The Throne of Comfort
The chair is characterized by its light and floating expression, which is created between the soft transition of forms within the chair and its organic shell-like seat. The addition of the neck rest to the classic chair creates a new expression; furthermore it emphasizes the comfort customers are looking for. The neck rest is fixed onto the chair and can have an additional neck cushion attached with wide bands, these can be adjusted to suit individual needs and as such they create a comfortable sitting position.

The new family member is so highly appreciated by Lars Hovgaard, who is the sales and marketing manager of Stouby Furniture that he said: “I am very pleased with this new development of the Concord series as the addition of the neck rest changes both its visual appearance and the options of how it can be used. Thomas Pedersen who has created the rest of the Concord series has once again managed to create a design, which is pleasing to the eye and we find this collaboration interesting as Thomas has many creative and alternative ideas.”

Product family


Concord - harmonic elegance and lighting lightness are characterizes for the chair. Concord gets inspiration from the legendary passenger plane. With self-confidence this new chair will create absolute attention in both private residences and hotel lobbies all over the world.
Concord is characterized with a special frame structure, which supports the expression of the seat and gives the feeling that the chair more or less is drifting. The legs are in casted aluminum with high gloss polished aluminum and follows the chairs shape and gives the design a sharp and streamlined look.
Concord is available in both fabric and leather and is based on a form casted foam in the back and the seat. This ensures a good sitting comfort and also gives guaranty that the chair keeps its shape many years ahead. In the range you will also find footstool and tables.

With inspiration from the Concord chair, the tabletops also have the organic form language, which can be seen the whole way down to the aluminum casted legs.
The tabletops are constructed of high-pressured laminate with a black core and the common denominator for the Concord family is the high polished aluminum legs, which supports the expression of the Concord family.
The legs follow the tabletops shape and bring the design a sharp and streamlined look.
The tables in the Concord family are available in two different sizes, both in black and white as standard, but can also be delivered in a large range of different colors.