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Kitchen Revolution
Steininger.designers’ state-of-the-art objects combine the latest production technology and innovative materials with classic design. What you see is astonishing: details so refined that one cannot help wonder who came up with those sophisticated design solutions. The answer: Martin Steininger and his team. The company, which is located in the north of Austria in the charming Mühlviertel, has come up over the years with remarkable interior design solutions for one-of-a-kind kitchens. This year the creative team will once again present one their latest invention at one of the most important events in the kitchen design industry, the Eurocucina in Milan, Italy. The kitchen: modular kitchen HOG.

A Kitchen Puzzle for the Advanced
Steininger.designers’ kitchens tend to be complete artworks, Gesamtkunstwerke so to speak, custom-made according to the individual customers’ needs. The unique kitchens have been fashioned from stone, aluminum, and concrete - the latest of which was given the red dot award in 2012.

The modular kitchen, however, is based on a new concept: It consists of 4 individual elements, which allow the customers to create their very own unique “Steininger kitchen“. Elements are available in stone, concrete and ceramic. The 4 kitchen modules together with a table panel facilitate an easy workflow: storage, washing up, food preparation and last but not least the whole beautiful cooking process. The 3 striking materials provide ample scope for individual customers to put the “kitchen puzzle” together.

“A Heart of Gold” – The Love for Detail as a Trademark
Functional yet surprising details, such as a drawer below the cooking top, which conveniently stores spices, knives, and fresh herbal patches in lit-up stainless steel receptacles, have always been part of “Steininger kitchens”. The new modular kitchen HOG., however, has a very special interior: it is fashioned from anodized golden aluminum, which coats the drawers and makes them look like a luxurious jewelery box. The anodized aluminum coating presents a beautiful contrast to the natural material of the exterior. The interior lights enhance the contrast. On top of it, customers can design the interior life of their drawers according to their needs with magnetic dividers.

The Formular for Success from Austria
Aside from their already well-known kitchen models, steininger.designers exhibited 8 different modules of the modular kitchen HOG at the Eurocucina April 2012. Visitors can explore the ample possibilities the new revolutionary kitchen has to offer. steininger.designers have continuously expanded their product portfolio and the optimum kitchens offer the best of what anybody can invest in as far as kitchens and cooking is concerned. The modular kitchen HOG. enables a wider range of customers to enjoy a Steininger kitchen and the one-of-a-kind quality and exceptional design the kitchens stand for.

All pioneering furniture design achievements emerged in steininger.designers’ family-run operation. The modular kitchen HOG proofs once again that the inquiring minds, know-how and manufacturing of a family enterprise can lead to remarkable international success.