Stuff is a unique new cabinet system, designed by Studio Parade. This system consists of stackable leight weight modules: a base, upholstered units, open frames and tops. As soon as the frame is mounted to the bottom unit, alle units can be stacked at your own taste and insight. In this way a personal cabinet develops, without using any tools, and in a quick and simple way. And can be changed at any time by simply switching the modules to another position. Stuff can be used as a wall system, but also as room divider.

The upholstered units of Stuff unite a sober and timeless design with a soft and warm charisma.
And is therefor not only suitable for every interior, but also sound-damping!
The front of the upholstered units is divided in horizontal strips with magnets. Because of this, the unit can be left open in several positions. With a wide range of colours and textile structures, a unique and personal cabinet can be composed. The shelves and top of Stuff are always covered with a white laminate.

The idea behind Stuff originates from an interior assignment from the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) to Studio Parade. This prestigious organization was looking for a flexible and functional storage system. Studio Parade then designed a modular system with upholstered units. These cabinets were composed by using loose units, in order to be able to divide several spaces in a different way. Besides that it worked acoustic. After the succesful introduction of this cabinet system for the Design Academy, Studio Parade and Spectrum decided to continue developing this system and make it suitable for both the private- as well as the contract market.
In Oktober 2013 Stuff was introduced to the Dutch market during the Dutch Design Week.