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Product description

60 x 60 cm antracite


PAPERBACK is a wall system, designed by Studio Parade in 2009. Strength of the design is that it absorbes a minimum of space in your interior, but at the same time has a striking appearance.
By completing the Paperback with books, cd’s or little glass or ceramic products, it gets a very own, almost custom made chart and set of colours.

PAPERBACK is a modular system. 1 Complete set consists of 1 solid wall panel of 120x60 cm or 60x60 cm with 13 horizontal slides in it. This wall panel is mounted to the wall with 4 screws. Per panel 13 loose shelves of 120x15 cm or 60x60 cm and 4 mm thick are added, which can be pushed in the slides. The shelves consist of high pressure laminate, made of layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin and bonded by heat and pressure. The core and surface is all in one piece. Per 13 shelves, 3 pieces have an extra “tab”, so these shelves can be used for bigger books, magazines or little objects.

This design has only been available in white. Due to the growing request for alternative colours, an warm anthracite was added in January 2012.

PAPERBACK can be used as a small, big or even wall-to-wall system and is standard available in white. The 2 different sizes and colours make beautiful combinations possible!