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The WuduMate™ range consists of unique, cost-effective appliances for safe, comfortable and dignified ritual washing in commercial buildings, homes and mosques. Manufactured from highest quality materials, the WuduMate™ series provides a number of unique single appliances in which to perform wudu, an ablution ritual which includes the washing of hands, face and feet. There will be at least one model of WuduMate™ which suits a requirement where ablution and/or prayer facilities are needed.

The WuduMate™-Mosque is an innovative communal ablution facility for mosques or larger prayer rooms. It combines the traditional position for seated wudu with optional standing positions.

Features of the WuduMate™-Mosque:
• Individual units inconspicuously joined together to provide one, completely sealed unit, with as many ablution positions as required
• Manufactured using the latest in ‘solid surface’ materials, mixing ‘nature with technology’
• Anti-bacterial additives help inhibit bacterial infection
• Joint/grout-line free:-
- reduces maintenance
- facilitates reduction of bacteria
- extends life of ablution area
• Individual drainage increases hygiene
• A number of different colours and finishes for ultimate aesthetic appeal
• Pre-fabricated components minimise contractor skill levels required during construction
• Efficient use of water

• Optional grey water recycling facilities to toilet system

Dimensions: SEATED UNIT 750mm wide x 1000mm long x 1200mm high x 150 floor depth, STANDING UNIT 750mm wide x 750mm long x 1200mm high x 150mm floor depth