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Change the lampshades and adapt the lighting to your own mood! Change your room and your living space atmosphere! This lamp is made to live and grow with you for a long time.

The socket of the Eikon, made of certified ash, oak or bamboo, constitutes the minimalist and clean base of the lamp. Attached with magnets, the metal or silicone shade forms a perfect contrast with its beautiful and vibrant colours.

The EIkon speaks a clear form language and stands in a Scandinavian design tradition. It emerged from the idea to create a synthesis of the popular industrial-style and a Scandinavian cozy, familar product tradition with the combination of the materials wood and metal or silicone.

Due to the removable, interchangeable lampshade, the lamp can be installed in all kinds of rooms and living areas. The modular und flexible system can therefore help to rearrange a room again and again, according to taste and requirements.

Also for bigger spaces, like salesrooms and hotels, the lamp offers a high degree of variability since different colors and shapes can simply be exchanged and combined.

26 cm x 35 cm

Ash, Oak or Bamboo wood, metal

E 27, max. 60 Watt

Delivery content
3m textile cable, Cable Cup covering