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HARP recliner
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Garden lounge-Sun loungers >
Bathroom furniture-Spa loungers >
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Garden lounge-Sun loungers >
Bathroom furniture-Spa loungers >
Furniture-Day beds/Loungers >

Product description

HARP recliner, design Rodolfo Dordoni for RODA. With a light, elegant and seamlessly shape, HARP recliner is a comfortable piece of furniture for a full relax in the outdoors. The recliner has a stainless steel frame, in smoke colour welded by cords which create a crossing game of horizontal and vertical lines.

Recliner 130 x 62 x H112 cm

Product family


The classic string chair finds in the HARP collection a new contemporary and completely revised expression. HARP is an icon for RODA , extremely cross and refined, suitable for any environment. HARP is a celebration of a craft manufacturing: the welding of stainless steel tubular, the polyester cords with cotton finishing that wrap around the structure drawing a sinuous line, essential, but at the same time very characteristic. The careful design and the high quality materials selected from RODA ensure maximum outdoor resistance of the product, maintaining its beauty. The different finishes and color options available, meet any need and integrate harmoniously and elegantly with any other type of furniture.

HARP is available in the following finishes:
- Smoke structure and grey / olive cords
- Milk structure and sand / olive cords
- Carob structure and tobacco cords

The collection consists of: chair (with or without arms), lounge chair, stool and sun lounger, recliner chair.