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ZeroZeroUno is a track and surface mounting fixture styled after TV studio equipment, featuring barn doors to enhance colours, forms and volumes. ZeroZeroUno has separate compartments for improved heat management. Available in 4 sizes, ZeroZeroUno is available for LED, metal halide and halogen lamps, and a special concentric/parallel flat prism Fresnel lens for symmetrical and asymmetrical beams. The 380mm model features a system of lenses for focusing its output, and a shaper for square and round beams.

Available for LED, halogen and metal halide lamps

Luminous flux up to 5196 lm and CRI > 90 (LED versions)

Interchangeable optical system (IOS)

Available in 4 sizes

Barn doors included in the package 

Special projector adjuster knobs

Extremely adjustable angle of projection: 356° horizontal, 90° vertical

Concentric prism/flat parallel Fresnel lens for symmetrical and asymmetrical beams