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The modular system BRICKS has ‘infinite’ combinations and is specially designed for the business environment. BRICKS has 9 different dimensions seating elements, 9 backrest elements, 45ºand 90º corners, 4 armrests, screens and laptop tables. Bricks offers the possibility to house different functions in one piece of furniture such as waiting, eating, conferencing, working and socializing. Bricks is a modular system creating infinite combinations specially designed for the business environment.

Our modular system BRICKS is already being used frequently in business environments. In 2010 we also introduced a lounge version for at home and lounge areas such as hotelreceptions, bars etc. De lounge version has separate cushions and a softer deeper seating. The many possibilities known with the BRICKS business version also apply for the lounge version. For instance the many seating widths, several back-en seating heights, curves, straight angles, round shapes, legs on steal, wood or synthetic caps, various heights of the armrests, laptoptables etc. In other words this sofa can be tailor-made. This product is truly suitable for any environment! Bricks has a large variety of different dimensions, on request these dimensions can also be customized. Bricks is standard delivered in Palau ecoversion with FSC/PEFC wood and eco-foam. Available in various fabrics.

Modular system BRICKS has already been applied in many offices, institutions, airports, hotels, etc. Since the product was launched in 2008 we have been expanding the series frequently. Two new additions are BRICKS Wall and BRICKS Flex.

Another extension to the BRICKS series is BRICKS Flex. BRICKS Flex consists of a seating element and a table that can be adjusted fully electronical. Seating depth, height, angle and the loin support can be adjusted electronically. The height of our BRICKS Flex table is electronically adjustable. The table top can also be moved horizontally in 2 directions manually.

Bricks Wall is a collection of modular wall systems. Just like sofa Bricks it consists of geometrical shapes in different dimensions. Bricks Wall can be combined with all seating and back elements of Bricks. Applying Bricks Wall this way they are part of the Bricks meetingsofa, see image below left. Bricks Wall can also be used as a detached (acoustic) room divider thus creating Bricks Wall Cubicle, see image below right. Bricks Wall is characterized by an inventive linking system, which can be attached to the outer end of the walls. This makes it very easy to expand or move the walls.