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Kaleidos Mosaics sand-braid-chips
Kaleidos Mosaics
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Serie Kaleidos
Leather mosaics

Kaleidos by Nextep Leathers is a line of mosaics and boiseries that comes instinctively from the material: décor is not a supplement in aesthetic design; it’s an expression of the Priante leather identity.
Elegant and harmonious, the rich series of leather mosaic tiles is modelled according to modern decorative rules and let you create various combinations matching the boiseries or the Lifestile and Tactile Series of tiles by Nextep Leathers.
Whether replacing or accompanying wallpaper, stucco or ceramic tiles, the Kaleidos mosaics can cover bearing and dividing walls, or sections of them, in a choice from a range of décor and colours.
Their aesthetic dimension means every living or business space can indeed be decorated with a touch of design - living rooms, bedrooms, suites, spas, lounge bars, show-rooms, boutiques, receptions, offices and galleries.
The protagonist is leather, a living material, natural, soft and at the same time resistant. It’s an inviting material, caressing and protecting at the same time. It’s a material that Conceria Priante, head of the group, have made the object of constant experimentation, refining over more than fifty years’ knowledge and ability in selecting and transforming leather. For visual alchemy that draws you in…skin-deep.

Leather mosaics:
For creating warm, inviting and decidedly contemporary spaces
Sizes: 30x30cm

• Textures created by the mixed contrast of plain and decorated mosaic squares in single blocks
• Tone-on-tone or with matching different-coloured squares in rhythmic patterns, for a more markedly decorative solution.
• Tiles are applied to walls using adhesive fixing, simply applying without any joints.