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Cosmo Outdoor
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Are you more of a Cloud Number Nine or rather a Deep Space Nine?
Whichever part of space you prefer, Cosmo open to your favourite ideas. This is because Cosmo’s appearance changes with every new perspective. A circle of six lights knots dissolves into the third dimension, emitting its even, glare-free, dimmable light over lobbies, foyers, halls an die every other architectural space designed with energy-efficiency an extraordinary shapes in mind. New: COSMO OUTDOOR for all beer gardens, inner courtyards and all objects identical in sky.

Height: 880mm Diameter: 1600mm
Lamps: 12 x GX24q Dulux T/E32W constant, EVG/DALI dimm
Material: PE, Body: white, Caps: silver
The result is Cosmo – a luminaire that changes its appearance with every new perspective and which looks fascinating both as a stand-alone as well as in clusters. A circle of six light knots (each equipped with two compact fluorescent lamps Dulux T/E 32W ) dissolves into the third dimension or hovers as a pure light form above every room. As a standard feature, Cosmo is fitted with six dimmable EBs (Dali).

However, as much as Cosmo’s shape and quality of light may fascinate you, it is also worth pointing out the unique way in which it is manufactured. Cast as a single piece in a two-cavity mould in a rotation process Cosmo’s design proved to be an unprecedented challenge both in terms of engineering and precision.