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Product description

The columns, steles, and pylons can be lettered on both sides – like all free-standing quintessence system signage. Like the interior signage the exterior elements also correspond to the raster of the DIN formats. The height dimensions in the item number include the lettering surface, the actual height is 150 mm or 200 mm higher due to the stainless steel pedestal plate. Continuous surfaces are possible to a maximum height of 2,900 mm and a maximum width of 1,400 mm. If desired subdivision of the surfaces can be subordinated to a graphic concept, however this must be discussed prior to production start.

The individual panels are then each anchored so that they can be changed. All surfaces are flush mounted without frontal anchoring.

Special solutions
As with all Meng systems the quintessence outdoor elements can also be combined with letter boxes, glass surfaces, and variable information displays.

Naturally, variants illuminated from within, also with raised or relief lettering and logos are available as well (system variants and customer production).

Product family


All columns, steles, and pylons are enclosed to the ground in the standard design, however they have an installation depth of 150 mm under floor to the covered anchoring of the steel construction.

If elements are to be anchored on the pedestal or ground-level foundations in the face area, these must be ordered accordingly prior to start of production. Subsequent recladding of the foot flange requires extensive effort.

Columns and steles are aligned and anchored with dowels and heavyload anchors on level foundation surfaces. On the other hand for pylons, anchor baskets are supplied for poured concrete solutions provided by the building contractor.

Static base plans are available for outdoor elements of any size.