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Cubo Massimo 4
Cubo Massimo
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The Cubo Massimo 4 pendant light represents the pinnacle of our Cubo Massimo line and is the most powerful light in the series. The lamps are situated in two independent layers, oriented to the top and bottom of the light. Cubo Massimo 4 features a particularly long shaft, resulting in intensely focussed light and perfect control. Compatible with all common bus systems and featuring concentrated yet perfectly scattered light, the Cubo Massimo 4 is a true signature product.


Pendant light: 500 x 500 x 538 mm.
Two lighting layers in different circuits, both dimmable. The distance between the two lighting layers allows for very precise control of the resultant lighting ensemble.
8 x 43W eco halogen lamps, to the top
9x 43W eco halogen lamps, to the bottom
Nominal power: 731W. Equivalent light yield: 1190W.
Weight: 23,6 kg


Aluminium, distanced yet erotic, grants subtle glamour without being overbearing. Cubo Massimo lights, with their slight, slender aluminium profiles and their sharp strips of light provide architecture with signature lighting. The two independently controllable lighting layers, one directed to the top, the other to the bottom, allow for entirely different lighting scenarios. Thus an exceptional dramaturgy of light is at your fingertips.