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L’Invisibile vertical pivot door Filo 10
L’Invisibile vertical pivot door Filo 10
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Made with a 10 cm thick panel – as thick as the wall – L’INVISIBILE Vertical Pivot System Filo 10 is the first door totally flush with the wall on both sides.
Thanks to a sophisticated system of concealed pivots, the door can rotate on itself to different degrees of opening, obtaining a very exciting effect of movement.
Filo 10, an evolution of the Vertical Pivot System, can be made in all dimensions and with all coverings, meaning it adapts to all settings, and can be perfectly invisible thanks to total continuity between door and wall.

Technical features and details
L'Invisibile Vertical Pivot System Filo 10 consists of:
• a nucleus-frame in passivated extruded aluminium (EN AW 6060 alloy – Anticorodal 063) that replaces the door post (outer frame-posts) and adapts to walls and plasterboard walls with different thickness;
• a panel with hollow-core structure, 102 mm thick, made with a perimeter frame in solid wood (Bahia rosewood, toulipier or fir tree) with high-density honeycomb interior, finished with 2 MDF sheets, 5 mm thick, on each side. Class E1- low formaldehyde emission. The model with stop includes seals at the jambs.
• concealed rotating pivots, which can be positioned at a minimum distance of 65 mm from the jamb to a maximum point at the centre of the panel for the model with stop, or for the model without stop, from a minimum of 350 mm from the jamb to the centre of the panel.

Dimensions and personalisation
Since it can be made to measure, L’Invisibile Vertical Pivot System Filo 10 is perfect for both residential and contract installations.
Ideal for internal doors, wardrobe booths, maxi panels, fitted panels, and large doors, available in single leaf as well as twin-leaf models. Can be made in all dimensions up to 1200x3000 H (light passage) in the single leaf model and may be coated with wallpaper, trims, gobelin, decorative woods, decorations, skirting board or mirrors.