By its flexible back this dining room chair is suitable for both an active table conversation and a lazy after dinner moment. Named after the famous Italian director Federico Fellini.

Dimensions (in mm)
Width 570
Depth 560
Height 835
Height arm 675
Seating height 450

Shown on picture
Mundial – stitching blond – Legs oak wood wenge stained.

Technical details
Frame Metal tube
Springs No-Sag
Filling Moulded foam, covered with dacron (100 gr.)
Legs Oak wood, unprocessed, natural, white wash, ash or wenge stained.

Not available in Toro. Our website shows an overview of our complete leather collection. Your retailer can help you choose a type of upholstery that fits your personal preferences. The dealer has samples of our unique leather collection available. Furnishing in fabric is also possible.

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In general, natural products such as wood and leather benefit the most from selective maintenance. Usually, dusting the surface with a soft, clean cloth is sufficient. If necessary, clear up with a damp cloth (preferably, use distilled water. Do not use mineral water and detergents! Be careful with tap water, since this is often calciferous.) Specific care instructions for intensive maintenance of the different types of leather can be found on our website. Contact your retailer for more information and possible products for maintenance and/or cleaning. Visit the sites of the supplier for additional information regarding the maintenance of fabrics.

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