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Molly 2 - 164
Molly 2
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Molly 2
100% new wool
15 colourways
140 cm wide

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Naturally coloured Molly 2, an update of Molly, is an upholstery textile with a delicate and simple appearance designed by Åsa Pärson. It comes in three new bindings, as well as the original plain binding, and 15 colourways of which 11 are new. Molly 2 is also softer than before.

The idea behind Molly was to create a basic textile using the yarn as its starting point. The textile is made from Norwegian worsted yarn. Naturally coloured, it derives its appearance from the way the yarns are mixed.

The new colourways include cooler and lighter nuances of wool, resulting in a more precise and modern look. These combine with the different bindings to give Molly 2 a variety of different expressions: some are almost unicoloured, some feature tiny squares, some feature a diagonal play; others are irregular and graphic.

Molly’s quality is not to be found in a colour palette or in uniform consistency but in the unobtrusive design of the fabric, the variations in the weave and the sensation of a genuine, natural product. Because it is undyed, it inevitably has natural colour variations from one consignment to another.