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Divina 3 623
Divina 3
Finn Sködt
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Upholstery coverings-Fabrics
Upholstery coverings-Fabrics

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Divina 3 is a full-cloth product, which means that it is manufactured by weaving the yarn in a coarse linen hose casing, after which, it is subjected to mechanical processing using very high temperatures, at the same time as it is being coloured. This creates a situation where the surface becomes smooth, directionless and uniform in a manner very similar to the properties of felt. The material shrinks by 25-30% during this procedure, and the process can be illustrated by imagining a wool sweater which has been washed at too high a temperature. The result of this kind of processing is called cloth weaving and it is used for finer textures such as uniforms and plaids.

Colour above all else When yarns are woven and “filled”, the wool content really comes into its own. The material is transformed from being coarse woven and slightly itchy to being a soft and comfortable textile with an attractive and smooth surface. This ensures that the structure of the material is less pronounced; thus, giving its colours a chance to really shine. It is for this reason that Divina is one of the absolute best products for showing off colours in all their glory, and thereby being the best possible material for handling an extensive range of tones. Divina, in other words, means colour above all else. In particular, red and orange pang colours have proved popular and have shown that they can stay the course.

Since Divina was first launched in 1984, and in consultation with Finn Sködt, the colour range has been modified on an ongoing basis. The new colour palette is inspired by the popularity of pang colours and the desire to introduce these to other colours. Thus, the new colour palette also contains clear, strong colours in blue, green and yellow. The colour range moves from the elegant and restrained tones of cashmere, beige, brown, olive, grey, white and black to clear, strong colours such as red, orange, yellow, blue and green. This provides the opportunity to choose Divina in a complete furniture design, where, for example, a calm elegance is combined with a chair in bold red. In this way, a dramatic and dynamic atmosphere can be created within the overall furniture scheme.

Divina means heavenly, or divine, and the name has been chosen for this product because of the way colours can be expressed in the material. Finn Sködt has sought inspiration from the fantastic illustrations which often accompanied books in the middle ages. These were called “illuminations” because of they way they literally illuminated the page. The effect of these book illustrations was produced by the use of clean, clear primary colours, and it is this principle which the designer has sought to recreate in the Divina range. The result is a set of colours which assert themselves and illuminate the products for which they are used.

100% wool
56 colours
150 cm wide