Product description

Nuit profile, 1x5, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, CRI90+.
Spot 12°, flood 29°
Available with emergency kit

Product variants

Product family


Nuit is a downlight system that brings points of light together in a continuous discreet shadow gap. Nuit can be recessed, surface or pendant mounted within interiors
and can be arranged so that light modules are positioned just where the light is needed.
Profiles can be ordered as standard lengths or bespoke to suit project requirements.
Due to the success of the product, Nuit was upgraded to meet your project requirements even better.

Development improvements compared to the old Nuit
- changed profile dimensions
- changed profile dimensions
- drivers accessible on top of profile
- easy top wiring for both production and installer
- 5-pole connector for 1-10V and DALI dimming
- 3-pole connector for on-off and phase dimming

Changed plasterkit principle
- rigid fixation of profile with added trims and twist&lock bracket
- calibrated width of profile due to spacer feature

Added features compared to the old Nuit
- extra dimming option: phase dim
- extra mounting option: pendant mounting + integration of steel cable in power cable
- extra color option: full white
- beam option: 12° or 29°
- no LED module restriction driver on top

- The new Nuit is made from 95% recycled aluminium.