Product description

MDF white. Metal loop lacquered in white.

H324, B275, D163 mm


At the 2012 Stockholm Furniture Fair, Maria presented patterns and furniture on her stand. She had mounted various press cuttings onto card at angles of 45 degrees in a zigzag pattern to maximise the wall area and to create a more interesting presentation of images in the exhibition space. This idea formed the basis of the Wawe (2013) magazine holder. It consists of a wall module and a corner module. You can place several wall modules side by side, with or without space in between, or you can stack them on top of each other. With the corner module, you can obtain maximal storage by using the corners of your room.
Wawe is made of MDF and is available in either oak veneer or birch veneer, or in eight colors. The metal loop comes in a polished chrome finish or lacquered in one of the eight colors to match the rest of the module. Wawe is fixed to the wall with a wooden attachment rail and is ideal for libraries, offices, lobbies, cafeterias, schools, waiting rooms, bedrooms, or any small space.