Product description

Pendant made of glass, metal, crystal, leather and ceramic elements. Available in different dimensions and colours. (COMP.H) Ø32 h.300 - Ø11" h,118 118w Led - 12880 Lumen (COMP.I) Ø32 h.280 - Ø12" h.110" 100w Led - 10680 Lumen

Product family


The gracious string pendants can be combined into infinite combinations each with unique characteristics, made out of white biscuit porcelain, ruby-red crystals, nickel-plated aluminium and black chrome. The design of the pieces, named after two characters of the world famous Swan Lake Ballet, is both modest and sophisticated, paying attention to every detail and creating a unique, lustrous and fairytale like light fixture. The essential idea for the design is that it can be used as a chandelier centerpiece in large scale environments, allowing its cosmopolitan feel to create the appropriate atmosphere. However, it can also be situated, on a smaller scale, through the use of its individual components, as a wall light or suspended to the ceiling. The freedom of imagination is limitless, growing from modest to grant without compromising its qualities and elegance.