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The Magma series is inspired by natural basalt rock, a material that emerges from below the Earth’s crust in the form of lava and then solidifies into rock as it cools.

This collection encapsulates the laws of nature, combining earth, air and fire in a unique product unlike anything else. Thanks to its fine-grained texture and hardness, achieved through its instant formation, Magma combines strength with delicacy, personality and style. A series perfect for creating evocative warm settings that exude a sense of harmony.

A large-format porcelain tile collection in a slimline Slimmker version or standard thickness, Magma comes in two new colours (Crema and Moka) as well as basalt’s natural shade of grey in a satin polished, natural or bush-hammered finish. Its extra-large Slimmker formats make this a highly versatile series able to bring an elegant timeless appeal to all settings. Available in a non-slip finish.