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Product: Recessed and Surface-Mounted Luminaire
Family: Recessed and Surface-Mounted Luminaire
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Interior lightin...-Recessed ceiling lights >

Product description

- LED recessed luminaires for illumination of workplaces and rooms in particularly flat design for efficient lighting
- Uniform and homogenous direct light using edge-light and light-guide technology
- Indirect light component with specially designed lens to brighten the ceiling
- Biodynamic light VTL (Accessories: Controller NET Module required)
- Versatile, simple ceiling integration for national and international standard dimensions, sawed ceiling cut-outs and mounting situations


Highest visual comfort due to dual distribution of light intensity. The recessed and surface-mounted luminaires, which belong to the IDOO luminaire family developed by the designer Burkhard Schlee, fascinate by their dual distribution of light intensity, i.e. their division into a direct and indirect light component. Although it is recessed or surface-mounted, the luminaire frame seems to be floating below the ceiling. This impression is created because the ceiling and the walls are brightened horizontally with soft indirect light by means of specially designed optics. The offset installation of the optical system ensures a pleasant backlit ceiling element. This gives a harmonious corona effect, connecting luminaire and light with the surrounding architecture.

The homogenous light impression on the ceiling is also used for the PULSE VTL variant. Since for human centric lighting the lighting surface is crucial along with the illuminance and light colour, the biodynamic mode of action is supported even more by allowing the high indirect light component to illuminate the room over a large area from above. Thus, the dual illuminance distribution of in its PULSE VTL version creates a multifaceted lighting level with maximum visual and space comfort. is suitable for computer workstations and classic raster ceilings.

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