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CUBIC armchairs 9CX405 cm 63x62x79h in leather cat. Extra art. Manhattan col. 2068 and 2240 and shiny chrome metal base.

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Series of armchairs, sofas, poufs and modular elements, available in several variants, with a sober, square and modern line, characterized by a base 19 o 34 cm from the ground (depending on the model) that facilitates cleaning.
The seat, the back and the armrests are made up of a frame of solid pine and plywood panels (not particle board), 18 mm thick, of 5 layers of birch, first choice, free from sapwood, cracks, wormholes or other defects.
The percentage of the equilibrium moisture does not exceed 10%. The strength of the frame is ensured by a construction made with mortise and tenon joints.
The frame is coated with polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg/m3, 5,9 kPa, and a layer of dacron (thermobonded synthetic wadding) of 100 grams/m3.
The polyurethane foam in the upper part of the frame has a density considerably higher (75 kg/m3, 15,5 kPa) to withstand the numerous manipulations due to the use and to the continuous stresses it undergoes when one sits down or stands up.
The seat and back cushions have a thickness of respectively 14 and 17 cm and are made of polyurethane foam (not polyether) with a density of 30 kg/m3, 4.2 kPa (on request also other densities are available, without extra cost), realized in several layers to ensure the comfort and coated with a layer of dacron (thermobonded synthetic wadding) of 100 grams/m3.
The back cushion is reinforced with a plywood panel, 4 mm thick, of 3 layers of birch, and thus gives a very good support to the back of the user. The height of the back cushion can be adjusted at will, and this without extra cost from 10 pieces.
Fire retardant polyurethane foam is available at extra cost. In case of fire retardant polyurethane foam it is always fire retardant CMHR (Combustion Modified High Resilient) and meets the British Standard (BS), Cal 117, Class 1IM standards, as well as other standards on request (for example, the German DIN standards or the French NF standards).
On request it is possible to have the seat cushions of the sofas in one piece instead of divided in two.
The comfort of the seat comes, apart from the polyurethane foam mentioned above, from the 8 cm wide intertwined elastic belts it is equipped with and which are located at a maximum of 1,5 / 2 cm one from the other. On request also two quilted versions are available, one of the capitonné without buttons type and one with horizontal stripes. The capitonné without buttons type quilting is all done by hand and is obtained by sewing the rectangles of the upholstery (fabric, artificial leather or leather) and pulling and fixing a thread placed at the intersection of the seams to the back of the polyurethane foam of the cushions.
The quilting with horizontal stripes is obtained by coupling the upholstery (fabric, artificial leather or leather) to a layer of dacron (thermobonded synthetic wadding) and fabric, creating this way quilted coverings through the use of specific quilting machines. Standard the upholstery in fabric is fixed (removable upholstery, only in fabric, is available at extra cost). The upholstery in artificial leather and leather is always fixed. In the quilted version the upholstery is always fixed.
The seat and back cushions can be removed from the chair or sofa to facilitate cleaning.
An exception is the "mini" version of model Cubic, where the back cushion can be removed from the chair or sofa but the seat cushion is fixed (removable seat cushion available at extra cost).