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Fusion Table
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Product description

Ever wanted a pool table at home but just don't have the space? Or does a pool table just not fit with your contemporary decor? Then Fusiontables is your answer : a sleek design dining table concept containing a professional quality pool table all in one so you can both in the same room at the same time. This contemporary table converts in seconds and the innovative design ensures that, with the wooden or lacquered tops on, no one would guess there was a pool table under your dinner plates. Available in many combinations of wooden decors, lacquered frames, beautiful veneers and 14 cloth colours to customize the table to your own preferences. Balls, cues and triangles are stored under the tops when not in use. Fusiontables is multifunctional furniture at its best with space at a premium, a new dimension to you dining room

This table is also featuring some new clever technologies :
1. the Patent pending pocket design
In order to fit everything in the Fusion table’s 4 ½” / 115 mm narrow top, a unique solution was created for the pockets. Using hi-tech nylon stretch cloth with memory, the patent pending pockets stretch out when they collect balls, and revert to their 1/8” / 3 mm thickness after the game.

2. Ready to play anytime
Thanks to its Easy Lift system, the table is able to raise 7,5cm higher to reach the ideal, confortable and official pool table height. When not in billiard use, the table stay at a conventional 75cm high for a confortable dining position.