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Creative Stainless Steel Worktop Prep Module
Creative Stainless Steel Worktop
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Product description

Fixed modules with plenty of freedom

Creative worktops are available in three modules, each in two sizes. One module with a sink, one for preparing food, and one module with a hob. These three elements can be perfectly combined and, of course, a module can also be installed in an existing kitchen.

Wet module

There's room for everything here. Rinse dishes and glasses in a modern, functional sink with an appealing design and dry the glasses in a practical drying rack.

Cooking module

Ultra-modern functions and the most beautiful hobs. Nothing will get in the way of your enjoyment thanks to this module. You can also store the groceries you need in one of the included boxes.

Prep module

The best culinary result is achieved through good preparation, and this module will ensure that every preparation goes off without a hitch. And you can very easily store everything you need in one of the included boxes.

The basic configuration for each of the three modules includes matching accessories. Afterwards, additional boxes and add-ons can be set up as desired and used in a variety of ways.

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New demands on functionality and design are being made, particularly in the urban environment. Creative worktops are an innovation for anyone that wishes to use their kitchen in a versatile and flexible manner.
Creative worktops are based on a modular system that is easy to integrate into the kitchen. The basic equipment is there, and accessories can be supplemented and replaced as desired.