A seat intended for sports centres and arenas.

It features a special folding system which ensures a perfect fit between the seat and backrest. This system gives the seat generous dimensions when it is in the use position, yet takes up very little room when folded up, leaving a wide gangway between rows. The seat tips up automatically by means of a spring inside it that is totally protected from external agents, self-lubricating, long-lasting and extremely reliable. The tip-up mechanism also has a brake system that acts at the end of the movement, slowing down the tip-up movement and thereby preventing the usual noisy bang in this type of products. This makes it ideal for multi-purpose spaces where sports events are held, but also for musical events and performances. The seat and backrest are independent elements attached to a metal structure adapted to the particular characteristics of the steps. This system allows great freedom of movement along the rows without sacrificing user comfort. In the upright position the seat occupies just 20 cm. The seat's design not only provides it with an undeniable aesthetic quality, but also ensures a perfect fit between seat and backrest so that the inside is completely protected from the sun rays and the build-up of dust and dirt. This greatly reduces the need for maintenance. Moreover, this design increases user safety by eliminating all elements that might stick out and which people might bump into or knock themselves against. It also makes vandalism more difficult. Seat and backrest are made of injected copolymer polypropylene. There is a recessed housing on the top of the backrest into which a number plate can be fitted so that it cannot be pulled out. This system also ensures optimum visibility for the seat number. The seat has herringbone-patterned, non-slip ridging that helps to ensure that the occupant sits in the correct position. The seat can be installed with a minimum distance between axes of 44.5 cm, but this distance can be increased as desired. This is due to the fact that the seats are individually mounted on a support bar, providing great flexibility in the distance between axes, making it possible to regulate level of comfort offered to users. The arms are also independent of the seat and can be placed exactly as required and at the distance from the seat regarded as appropriate. At the front of the seat and the rear of the backrest there is a space measuring 130 x 220 mm in which advertising and image items, generally consisting of screen-printed stickers, can be inserted. This new way of utilising the seats turns them into a source of income for the owner of the installation. This space has been designed to take up to 50 adhesive units without the need to get rid of the old one before putting a new one on. As an optional extra, the seat can be fitted with a cupholder that is located in the space at the back between one backrest and another so that it is easily accessible and does not spoil the visibility of the advertising inserted in the seat’s backrest.


• Steel plate and tube, welded with continuous arc.

• Material:
IF-727 Copolymer Polypropylene (indoor)
IF-728 Copolymer Polypropylene (outdoor with U.V. Stabilizers)
• Resistance to breakage DIN 53455: 28 N/mm2
• Resistance to impact DIN 53453: without breakage

• For indoor use: Electrostatic powder polyester
• For outdoor use: Electrostatic powder polyester (with electrolitic zincing finishing)
• Coating thickness:
Indoor: 70-80 micro
Outdoor: 90-100 micra (average)
• Grid adherence: UNE-EN ISO 2409: 100%

• Type: Hot immersion with zinc of 99,95%
• Coating thickness: 60-70 micra


• UNE-EN 12727 Level 4 (intensive use).

• 10 Kg.

• 0,05 m3 (disassembled)