Modular chair with fully interchangeable components and generous dimensions.

This distance is achieved not by using wider arms or extensions between units, but by increasing the dimensions of the seat and backrest; the actual width of the backrest is 56 cm, a size that provides a high level of comfort. Backrest padding is anatomically contoured, with lateral support and a head pad, and vertical and horizontal grooves for added comfort. The seat pad has a smooth anatomical form and is free of grooves of any kind to prevent dirt from accumulating on the surface. Protective pieces made of IF-727 polypropylene are incorporated on the back of the seat and backrest. These fully washable pieces prevent the upholstered surfaces in these areas from becoming scratched or dirty. The position of the seat is fixed. Each chair is mounted on a central pedestal, which is attached to an internal bridge that links the individual units to form rows that are completely rigid and stable. The pedestals are made of tubular steel finished in black or grey epoxy paint. Chairs are fixed to the floor using expansion bolts. The base of the pedestal can be adjusted to the floor slope. Rows are formed by interconnected backrests. This system ensures complete rigidity and stability, and reinforces fixing to the floor surface. Chair arms are made of polyurethane foam with an internal metal structure and a cupholder that is integrated in the armrest in a compact manner. Both the seat and the backrest incorporate the TX acoustic system, consisting of acoustic perforations on the back and bottom covers, a design feature that ensures an excellent acoustic response. Optionally, the upper rear face of the backrest can incorporate an upholstered section. The seat can be fully upholstered without losing any of its acoustic properties. An HR version can also be used for the backrest. In this version, the headrest is an integral part of the backrest rather than a separate element. The ergonomic advantage of this design is that the headrest is a natural prolongation of the backrest, not an add-on element.


Steel tube and plate, arc welds with continuous wire feed

Seat density: 65 kg/m3
Backrest density: 57 kg/m3

Electrostatic epoxy powder
Coat thickness: 70-80 microns
Cross-cut adhesion test: 100%

Pilling: Index 5 BS 5811

Polypropylene copolymer IF-727
Tensile strength at break DIN 53455: 28 N/mm2
Impact strength DIN 53453: No break

United Kingdom: BS 5852 Section 5. Ignition sources 0, 1 and 5
Germany: DIN 54342, part 1 and 2
Italy: CSE RF/4/83 class 1. IM
Spain/France: UNE 23727/NF 92-503
Upholstery M1
Foam: M4
Plastic: M3
USA: CAL TB 133 (with certified fabric)

30 kg

0.20 m3 (per unit, disassembled)