Product description

An extremely functional, multi-purpose chair with a high standard of comfort.

This chair has a single shell made of IF727 plastic. The backrest has a double curve to provide support for the lumber region and ensure the person sits with their back in the right position. The seat also has a double curve. All this gives the shell unbeatable ergonomic properties. The shell is secured to the different structures by four anchorage points for optimum rigidity.

Mod. 8129

A chair without arms on skate-type feet. The chair is extremely lightweight and has a structure that is specially suitable for standing on delicate surfaces, such as carpets or parquet flooring, since it spreads the load over a large area. The shell is attached to the shell by four anchorage points.

The chairs can be stacked on top of each other and joined together at the feet.

The shell can be upholstered in fabric or leather as an optional extra. The structure is painted.


Steel plate and tube, welded with continuous arc.

Material:IF-727 Copolymer Polypropylene
Resistance to breakage DIN 53455 : 28 N/ mm2
Resistance to impact DIN 53453: without breakage
Shell Tests: Rigidity, Torsion and Flexion DIN 68872

Electrostatic powder epoxy
Coating thickness: 70-80 micra
Grid adherence: 100%

Pilling: Index 5 BS 5811
Test on fire resistance performance:
Specifications: UNE/23727