Product description

A bar-mounted tip-up chair. Seat and backrest return automatically to upright position in a single coordinated movement. When the chair folds, the seat pivots and the backrest moves so they fit together perfectly in the upright position. The seat and backrest occupy a total depth of 240 mm when upright. Seat and backrest are supported and articulated via metal side panels finished in epoxy powder paint, with the upholstered upper part of the side panel serving as an armrest. Seat and backrest pivot on maintenance-free polyamide bushings.
The special way the parts of the chair move together results in a very compact appearance; in the upright position, all edges of the seat and backrest are completely aligned. The seat consists of a single compact block made of cold-moulded polyurethane foam. This block completely covers a metal structure, consisting of frame made of a curved metal tubing, flat springs, and articulation pivots for the rotation movement. The block is encased in a fabric or leather cover with a zipper system that makes it easy to change. The seat and backrest are 110 mm thick. The characteristics of the backrest are the same as those of the seat. A 5-mm fire barrier (TS System) can be incorporated between the foam and upholstery on both the seat and the backrest to prevent fire from reaching the foam and delay the spread of flames and emission of toxic gases. The side panels that support the seat and backrest are attached to a structure made of rectangular steel tubing. The lower part of the structure is attached to the pedestal, which is made of steel tubing and connected to a steel plate that is fixed to the floor with metal expansion bolts. Structures are available in 2, 3 or 4-place modules and finished in epoxy paint with a coat thickness of 70-80 microns. Curved rows can be formed by joining the modules in a polygonal arrangement. This product complements the FLEX series, and the dimensions of the model make it very well suited for use with our MUTASUB, MUTAMUT, and RISER systems.


• Steel tube and plate, arc welds with continuous wire feed

• Seat density: 65 kg/m3
• Backrest density: 57 kg/m3

• Electrostatic epoxy powder
• Coat thickness: 70-80 microns
• Cross-cut adhesion test: 100%


Spain: UNE-EN 1021 Part 1 + 2
France: NF D 60-013
Italy: UNI 9175 Class 1.IM
USA: CAL T.B. 133
United Kingdom: BS 5852 Ignition Sources 0, 1 and Crib 5

UNE-EN 12727 Level 4 (intensive use)