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5071 Mini Space
5071 Mini Space
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Seating-Auditorium seating >

Product description

A seat designed for use in theatres, congress halls and auditoriums, with a special folding mechanism that permits a high level of comfort and leaves ample room for passage between rows.

Folding beam-mounted seat. Seat bottom automatically returns to resting position as its pivoting movement synchronizes the folding of the backrest and armrests in a single coordinated action. The folding system involves the pivoting of the seat bottom and a displacement of the backrest so that the two fit together. In the folded position, the seat bottom and backrest occupy a total depth of 230 mm. As the seat bottom and backrest fold, armrests pivot to the vertical position in order not to extend beyond the 230-mm depth of occupied space. The sequence of movements described occurs automatically when the seat becomes unoccupied. The seat, backrest and armrests are supported by cast aluminium side frames finished in epoxy powder paint. The seat and backrest pivot on maintenance-free polyamide bearings. The folding action is produced by gravity, without the use of springs of any type. As a result, this model is highly durable and requires no maintenance. The lower edges of the seat and backrest fit into and are attached to the tube of the pedestal structure. The seat is formed by a compact block of open-cell polyurethane foam that is fully upholstered and can be easily changed. This block is attached to on 13-mm beech plywood, varnished with fire-resistant substances that protect the back part. The minimum seat thickness is 11 cm. The characteristics of the backrest are the same as those of the seat. The minimum backrest thickness is 9 cm. A 5-mm fire barrier (TS System) can be incorporated between foam and upholstery on both the seat and the backrest to prevent fire from reaching the foam, delaying the spread of flames and emission of toxic gases. The seat can also incorporate a Helmoltz-type resonator to improve acoustic absorption capacity. The side frames that support the seat and backrest are attached to a rectangular tubular steel structure. The lower part of the structure is attached to the pedestal, which is constructed of steel tubing and connected to a circular steel plate attached to the floor using metal expansion plugs selected to suit the characteristics of each project. The structures are available in modules of 2, 3 or 4 units and are finished in black epoxy paint with a coat thickness of 70-80 microns. Curved rows can be formed by joining the modules in a polygonal arrangement. Armrests are made of solid beech wood varnished with fire-resistant substances. Armrests automatically pivot with the folding movement of the seat to adopt a vertical position when the seat is folded. In conjunction with the F-45 table or F-1000 table, this is an ideal solution for long working sessions and conferences.


• Steel plate and tube, welded with continuous arc.

• Seat density : 60-65 kg/m3
• Back density : 50-55 kg/m3

• Electrostatic powder Polyester
• Coating thickness: 70-80 micras
• Grid adherence: UNE-EN ISO 2409: 100%

• Fire Standards

Spain: UNE-EN 1021 Part 1 & 2
France: NF/P 92507
Italy: UNI 9175 Clase 1.IM
USA: CAL T.B. 133 (in approved fabric)

• UNE-EN 12727 Level 4 (intensive use).
• BS 5852. Section 5. Ignition Sources 0, 1 and 5

• Material: UNE L-2630
• Density : 2,7 gr./cm3
• Breaking Load: 20 kg/ mm2

• Beech plywood pressed.

22 kg

0.10 m3 (disassembled)