Product description

Chair designed specifically for multipurpose halls and especially well suited for use in conference rooms.

The model is a roomy chair with arms. The seat and backrest are two separate pieces. This means the position of the backrest does not depend on that of the seat, so the chair provides optimal back support. The key feature of this model is the tip-up seat system used. Thanks to this mechanism, which is a standard feature in this model, the seat remains in the tipped-up position when not in use. This makes it easy for users to move between rows and increases safety as the room or hall can be cleared quickly in the event of an emergency. The tip-up feature also allows the capacity of a hall to be increased by up to 15% without diminishing user comfort or safety. Users can lock the seat in the “down” position, so the model can serve for other uses, for example, use in dining or meeting rooms, or as a visitor chair. This combination of features delivers an exceptional level of multi-functionality. Chairs are stackable when the seat is fixed. A sturdy linking system that allows straight rows to be formed is a standard feature. Polyester powder paint is applied to the structure to produce a metallic finish. The seat and backrest are made of high-pressure injected polypropylene. This core is covered with fireproof polyurethane foam and completely upholstered in natural leather or fireproof fabric. Optionally, this model can be equipped with a folding writing tablet (right- or left-handed) that does not increase the distance between linked chairs. The writing tablet does not affect stacking. A numbering system for rows and seats can be supplied as an optional feature. Green Attitude The chair can be completely disassembled; all components are assembled and connected with screws. The 930 Delta Plus can be supplied in single-unit boxes measuring 82 x 57 x 15 cm, which are easily transportable and 100% recyclable. At the end of the product’s useful life, all components can be easily separated into mono-materials to facilitate recycling. With the exception of the paint, all materials are 100% recyclable.


• Weld-free steel tube, exclusive design

• Material: Polypropylene copolymer: IF-727
• Twist and bend testing of seat and backrest – DIN 68872
• Impact strength – DIN 53453: No break

• Electrostatic polyester powder
• Coat thickness: 70-80 microns
• Cross-cut adhesion test – UNE-EN ISO 2409: 100%

• Fire standards

Spain: UNE-EN 1021 Part 1 + 2
France: NF D 60-013
Italy: UNI 9175 Class 1.IM
USA: CAL TB 133 (with certified fabric)
United Kingdom: BS 5852 Ignition Sources 0, 1 and Crib 5

• Material: UNE L-2630
• Density: 2.7 g/cm3
• Breaking load: 20 kg/mm2

• UNE-EN 15373: 2007