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302 Arena
302 Arena
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Product description

This type of seating unit is appropriate for sports complexes and arenas. It is remarkable due to its folding system, since the seat and backrest fit together perfectly. This feature allows for large dimensions in the use position and very small dimensions in the folded position, thereby permitting a wide passage area between rows. The seat folding system is automatic, through a dual spring inserted into the seat. This spring is fully protected from external agents, self-lubricating, durable and extremely reliable. The seat return also has a braking system that operates during the final part of the run, slowing down the return movement and thus preventing the banging noise that is habitual in this type of product. All the above makes this seating the perfect choice for versatile spaces where sports events, music concerts and performances are staged. The assembly is formed by a seat and backrest module that is fixed to a metallic structure adapted to the characteristics of the seating tiers. With this system, large passage areas between rows are obtained, without impairing user comfort. The folded seat only takes up 21 cm. The seat design is not only attractive in appearance, but also permits the perfect closure of the seat and backrest, so that the internal part is fully protected from sunlight, dust and dirt. This considerably facilitates maintenance and cleaning of the installation. Furthermore, this design increases safety for users thanks to the absence of protruding elements that could give rise to collisions or accidents. It is also vandal-proof. The seat and backrest are made of blow moulded polypropylene. The backrest has an artificial leather sheet that is completely integrated into the base material. The seat has a foam pad with a thickness of 3 cm and is upholstered in the same material. If required, the seat and backrest can be made of polypropylene alone, with no upholstery. The seat can be supplied with a soft, semi-rigid polyurethane foam armrest. The seats are mounted on a rectangular bar and secured with an injected polypropylene flange. This allows the distance between seats to easily be changed and adapted to the requirements of each project. The front part of the seat and rear part of the backrest have a space designed for inserting publicity or corporate images, normally on an adhesive screen print surface.


• Steel tube and plate, continuous-wire arc welding.

IF-727 copolymer polypropylene
IF-728 copolymer polypropylene
(exterior with colour-stabilising additives)
DIN53455 breaking resistance:
28 N/mm2
DIN53453 shock resistance:
No breaking
Test on frames: DIN 68872 stiffness, torsion and bending tests

• For indoor use:
Electrostatic epoxy powder coating (with electrolytic zinc plate basecoat)
• For outdoor use:
Electrostatic polyester powder coating
• Coat thickness:
Interior: 70-80 microns
Exterior: 150 microns (mean value)
• Grid adherence: 100%

• Type: 99.95% zinc hot-dip coating
• Coat thickness: 60-70 microns
• Adherence: 100% (by iron alloy): ASTM A 90-53
• Resistance to corrosion (marine environments): 2.4 microns/year
• Hardness: AST-A-123
• Minimum coating:
ASTM-A239-41 (Preece test)

B2003/204: 5.7kg
B2003/205: 5.7kg

B2003/204: 0.05 m3
B2003/205: 0.05 m3