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200 Stadium
200 Stadium
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An extremely versatile, high-performance, injected polypropylene copolymer shell. It is designed for both outdoor and indoor use in stadiums, sport centres, gymnasiums and sport facilities in general. It complies with the standards recommended by FIFA and other international sports federations. The shell features a design that gives top priority to user comfort with a 340 mm-high backrest and a depth of 465 mm. The anatomical backrest has a convex curve to provide appropriate support for the back. It has an appreciably rectangular shape with angles ending in a 20 mm radius. This has the effect of giving the rows a continuous appearance. The areas of the shell subjected to the greatest stress are up to 5 mm thicker. The seat has non-slip herringbone ridging at a 60° angle to the axis of symmetry that helps to ensure the occupant sits in the correct position. The carefully designed pattern and angle of the ridges direct water and dirt towards the centrally located drainage area consisting of four parallel 25 x 6 mm openings. There is a recessed housing on the top of the backrest into which a number plate can be fitted so that it cannot be pulled out. This system also ensures optimum visibility for the seat number. The shell is anchored directly to the terracing. The carcass is secured by means of four anchorage points. This makes it extremely rigid and highly resistant to vandalism. The sides and rear of the shell are flush with the terracing, which prevents dirt getting in. The model can incorporate a steel tube armrest with semi-rigid integral polyurethane foam on top as an optional extra.

This seat is also available in the version 201 Stadium:
The shell is anchored to the rise of the tier. The support consists of a 50 mm diameter, 2 mm-thick central steel tube (DIN 2392), a 6 mm-thick steel strip with three anchorage points for securing it to the step rise and two 20 mm diameter, 2 mm-thick tubes in the form of a bridge that serve to fix the shell to the support at the four anchorage points. The shell is attached to the support by means of special, self-locking screws. The model can incorporate a steel tube armrest with semi-rigid integral polyurethane foam on top as an optional extra.


• Steel plate and tube, welded with continuous arc.
• Material:
IF-727 Copolymer Polypropylene (indoor)
IF-728 Copolymer Polypropylene (outdoor with U.V. Stabilizers)
• Resistance to breakage DIN 53455: 28 N/mm2
• Resistance to impact DIN 53453: without breakage


• For indoor use: Electrostatic powder polyester
• For outdoor use: Electrostatic powder polyester (with electrolitic zincing finishing)
• Coating thickness:
Indoor: 70-80 micro
Outdoor: 90-100 micra (average)
• Grid adherence: UNE-EN ISO 2409: 100%

• Type: Hot immersion with zinc of 99,95%
• Coating thickness: 60-70 micra


• UNE-EN 12727 Level 4 (intensive use).

• B-92/200: 1,8 kg.
• B-92/201: 3,3 kg.

• B-92/200: 0,03 m3
• B-92/201: 0,01 m3