FOLIO is a table specially con- ceived to offer versatile solutions to the demanding installation and contract sector.

The system design, which can be dismantled, folded and stacked, makes these tables highly adaptable to spaces as different as meeting or training rooms, dining rooms and libraries, offices, conferences or telemarketing premises, and to the many kinds of multifunctional spaces so often found in companies, institutions and public buildings, colleges and universities, etc.

It is extremely flexible and easy to use, given that a single non-specialised person can fold and move the tables easily with one hand, stacking them in the desired place of storage, or transporting them easily on the trolley for this purpose.
The result is enormous savings in the time required for assembly and disassembly of this kind of spaces, with the same applying to storage space.

It goes without saying that FOLIO tables come with a safety system to prevent them from folding accidentally during use, although this system is also very simple to cancel when desired.

The table structure consists of lacquered or chromed steel tubing and injected aluminium legs, while the table tops are melamine-coated boards with the option of three-dimensional edging permitting personalisation. Contact with the floor is optional with regulators for perfect table levelling. These tables can also come with a combination of regulators and wheels for easy movement over short distances by the user, without having to fold them down before moving.

This system comes with the necessary accessories for use as office desks: panels for separating work stations and courtesy skirting, both of which can be personalised with a whole variety of coverings.

The cable tray beneath the table top and a simple system of connection between tables make for easy work-table layout in bench, island formats or linked together in rows.