Product description

The Ema chair can be stacked in piles of up to 45 chairs, approximately. It weighs some 4 kg. and is made up of a slim tubular steel structure which can be either chrome or lacquered. The seat and backrest are made of polypropylene and can come in all the finishing options of Enea. Furthermore, if needed, the Ema chair can be made with or without arms, with a full or open back, and can also by fully upholstered.

Product variants

Product family


Ema is a good example of our close working relationship with designers. We provided the engineering knowhow and they turned it into a chair with three clear attributes: lightness, strength and extreme stackability. A range of accessories designed to facilitate its optimal use within the contract sector includes the linking device for the quick and easy assembly of rows of seating. Its elegant structure means it can also adapt to more liveable spaces.