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Paesaggi Italiani
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Designed by Massimo Morozzi, Paesaggi Italiani, the modular stand-alone shelving and partitioning system, lends itself to the widest range of furnishing solutions: from single against-the-wall units to complete architectural systems for all spatial requirements whether in the home, office, store, exhibition or other public environment. Just a few essential right-angled and curved components in a wide range of different finishes can create an almost infinite range of different tailor-made design solutions.

The linear components
The system comprises a basic skeleton of side panels and shelves that form a square or rectangular grid of different sizes and depths. Other components such doors, back panels and drawers can be added – picking and placing elements to compose a mosaic of one’s choice. Flexibility of composition also means you can create very small or very large, single or multi-colour configurations, alternating closed and open container modules to meet all functional requirements. Stark geometries can be combined with a vivacious colour palette and a range of different materials: transparent, semitransparent, metalized or wood components.

Three-dimensional components
Paesaggi Italiani has been designed to make it possible to articulate the space in all directions. Curved and joining units give the system a perfect geometry and allows various shaped configurations and numerous compositive solutions.

Together with the basic grid geometry, colour is key to the Paesaggi Italiani system. The huge range of finishes in lacquered and metalized colours provides a practically inexhaustible range of compositional possibilities.

Wood Species
Harking back to natural wood species, these panels are made from natural reconstituted wood coming from sustainably managed forest stands.

Used for doors and back panels ( cm H 48) in the transparent and satin-finish version, the acrylic material allows partition units to divide up ambient with total or partial permeability, creating evanescent atmospheres.

The Reflex surface finish reflects the surrounding environment and the Reflex Lens also slightly distort the image. The intriguing depth created by repeated reflections merges Paesaggi Italiani seamlessly into its environment.

The wide range of premier quality finishes allows juxtaposing of matching or contrasting surfaces, each offsetting the other to great effect.

Single-colour solutions
Completely black or white, one-colour compositions are possible thanks to matching-colour accessories, handles and hinge caps.

End Units
End units allow for sleek harmonious design solutions. These rounded end units can be fully equipped; panels come in all available finishes. The introduction of a curved unit (internal angle 45 degrees) allows for free-flowing stand-alone compositions. Curved units can be placed in succession to form a perfect circle, or set in opposite directions for undulating design characterized by concave and convex shapes. Alternating straight and curved sections provide practically limitless composition possibilities and architectural solutions.

The joining units add even greater flexibility to the stand-alone composition range. Coming in T, Y and X shapes, these joining units mean that Paesaggi Italiani configurations can be branch off in three or four directions starting from just one unit. The configurations made joints, curved elements or end units were born to take centre stage. As well as architectural icons, they are highly practical, capacious container system. With Paesaggi Italiani there are no architectural constraints. Configurations can be straight or curved as required. In addition, real doors and passageways can be created in straight sections to link environments partitioned by the modular system.

Paesaggi Italiani can be accessible from both sides. There is no front or back. The two façades can be completely independent both in composition and finish.

Windows, or niches, can also be included in this modular system. Finished elements come with frame and mirror on the back wall and are lacquered on the inside. As in architecture, openings create variety on façades.

Paesaggi Italiani is designed to contain everything. It can be wardrobe, bookshelf, kitchen, linen or bathroom cupboard. Its versatility allows it to fit into any domestic environment, whether living or bedroom, entrance or corridor, kitchen or bathroom.