Product description

Available colors

202 37 12 A

202 37 12 W


Recessed spots are known by everyone and used a lot. Delta Light takes these classics in lighting to a whole other level with the Rodi. Countersunk conical shapes create an almost unnoticeable transition from the intense led light with the ceiling. The attractive front rings make a halo appear round the led reflector, creating an exceptional visual result.

The Rodi S is a set of lighting units designed to meet many lighting requirements, playing with round and square shapes. Its square body is suitable for a linear composition or a more complex formation with fixtures of the same family.
Choosing the Rodi S is opting to keep the lamp visible. Rodi S can be installed fully recessed or with the unusually slim 5mm border visible. The optional Rodi Trimless Mounting Box allows for trimless recessed finishing, perfectly aligning up to 3 units in a row.