Key facts

Product description

Available colours:
alu grey-alu grey : 202 62 00 01 A-A
alu grey-black : 202 62 00 01 A-B
white-white : 202 62 00 01 W-W
Lamp(s) and gear:
Class: III
Protection class: IP20

Product family


Another model of the Grid in family, again available with one to four spots, rectangular or square, and color combinations alu grey, black and white. The variety in this collection allows you to play with different compositions, as soon in the image.

The Limit series is a series of down-lighters placed in the platform without a visible edge, where the transition between ceiling and device is formed by a shadow line.
The globular centre ring is an option that emphasises the retro style.

The Grid in ZB collection can be used as ceiling or wall recessed lighting, and is part of the Grid In product range with numerous options. The Grid in ZB is a striking balance between architectural built-in lighting and discrete functionality, reconciling the ‘quite anonymous’ and the ‘quite shapely’. The result? Interior lighting, which gives many interiors a delightful touch: from hypermodern to traditional and classical interiors.
The Grid in ZB consists in 4versions, with 1 / 2 / 3 or 4 adjustable spots, which are built-in in a self-fabricated niche or in a standard niche provided by Delta Light (optional). The niche can be painted along with the exact colours of the ceiling, as such perfectly merging with the total interior concept. The Delta Light mounting kit that can be ordered with the Grid in ZB is praised by installers for its convenience.
The Grid in is similar to the Grid in ZB. This time the adjustable spots (1,2,3 or 4) are covered by a box, and finished with a frame surrounding the device on the outside. The Grid in gives your several options, not in only in number of spots but compositions and colours as well. As such, Grid in is available in a rectangular and square composition (4 spots), in combinations with grey, black and white finishing. Due to the colour combinations Grid in can either be subtly merged into its surrounding (e.g. all white), or used as distinctive lighting element (e.g. black & grey combination).