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Boxy R | Boxy R 82733
Delta Light >
Order number:
251 70 81822
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Interior lighting-Ceiling lights >
Interior lighting-Ceiling lights >

Product description

Available colours:
black-black : 251 70 81822 B-B
black-gold mat : 251 70 81822 B-MMAT
white-black : 251 70 81822 W-B
white-white : 251 70 81822 W-W

Product family


Boxy is a minimalist feature that blurs the line between fixture and environment. Boxy is visible but goes by unnoticed. Boxy lights up your wall with Hispot without catching all the attention. Here … beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Thanks to its sharp edged and stylish cube form Boxy has grown to become a much appreciated classic in the Delta Light collection. This ceiling fixture has recently developed to become a divers and very functional range of products, available in different sizes for various (energy efficient) lamps, and custom finished for exterior or bathroom use. Available in alu grey or white.

The Boxy is a longstanding classic in the Delta Light range. With the launch of The Lighting Bible 11 the range has been extended to become a divers and very functional range, featuring both cube and round shaped options in different sizes. The story of the Boxy started with the sharp-edged cube form. The angular shape of the inner reflector in the Boxy L+ makes it particularly efficient, guarantees maximum light output and upgrades the design. In this cube Boxy range you can choose between different sizes, single or multiple light sources, medium to large size and halogen or led. The Boxy round extends your options with track, surface mounted and suspended applications. Each of them available in different colour combinations.