Product description

Fino swivel chair


Purist in appearance — formal, strong and clear in design. The tables and chairs share a common identity which encourages people to linger and talk over a meal. The Fino programme consists of four types of chairs, and standard size as well as made-to-measure tables. In addition to the four basic measurements you can have the table in any length you wish and in two widths. For the tabletops maple, walnut, oak, lacquer colour, matt glass or waved granite are available. The frame can be in anodised or polished aluminium or in a striking wood.

FINO by Holger Janke, as puristic as it is aesthetic, has developed into a community whose members are equally at home in the dining room, the lounge or the conference area. The rotatable chair, the most recent addition to the collection, provides the comfort properties of an easy chair. It rests on four feet, has gliders and is height-adjustable. Its design combines technical elegance with comfortable lightness.

The FINO table previously came with a frame made of polished or anodised aluminium. Now, a distinctive wooden frame to match the chairs is also available: in oak, walnut or cherry-wood in two different widths and four lengths. The characteristic sweep of the legs and the floating table top remain the most important design elements.