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Twee T. is a system of lamps projected by Jake Phipps for Casamania. The idea of cage, retrace the past tradition of canary in homes: from the Egyptian civilizations and Roman times, we can see the canary presence in the houses; in the Middle Age and in the English courts was a good upbringing sign to have them in lounges. In this way, an icon of british high-ranking status became a lamp-object. A figure symbol, enhanced by gold plating and yield useful by its illuminating function.

The little birds are made of BOSA hand decorated ceramics, black painted or plated in 24 carat gold; the structure of metal rod black painted or gold plated in the total gold version. The LED lighting fixtureis on the base of the cage, covered by a double polycarbonate shielding, that on the one hand illuminates the room and on the other hand illuminates the inside of the cage.

Materials and finishes
Cage: metal rod black painted or 24 carat gold plated.
The lithe bird: hand decorated ceramics or 24 carat gold plated.

Small: ø 41 cm – H. 46 cm
Large: ø 41 cm – H. 56 cm

Colors: gold, black.