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Temo Extented 6910
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The Temo is a well thought-out table for conference and meeting rooms, managerial offices, and conference centres. Although the Temo can be extended to almost any length and dimension, it always maintains its light – almost floating – appearance.

The table is also foldable and easily portable. The designers have even given careful attention to an often overlooked detail of round or oval tables and the position and angle of the legs. With the Temo, the angle of the legs can be individually adjusted – in the shape of a star for a round table, and adjusted accordingly when the tables are arranged in the shape of a boat or spindle.

The legs of the Temo table can be shorter or longer, matching the varying table top widths, which helps ensure both stability and proportionality. In addition to the classic T-shape, the legs can also be delivered in a Y-shaped variant. In addition, the Temo can be delivered in a three-leg and a four-leg variation, which are often used in poseur-height tables and in the low lounge-format versions. In all variations, the end of the leg includes an integrated height adjustment for levelling with the floor. Another option are mounted rollers, which are espe- cially useful for folding tables. Another of Temo’s unique selling points is the fixing element for table tops that have been folded up. This makes transport safer and easier. This fixing mechanism also serves as a buffer to keep the tables from bumping into one another when they are pushed together for storage. This design makes it possible to fold up, transport and store poseur height tables as well.