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Kaleidos Stool
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Kaleidos stems from the project work of Michele De Lucchi and Sezgin Aksu which is founded on the innovative way of applying the very latest casting-mould technologies by Caimi Brevetti in its "seat universe" concept.

With its characteristic pure lines and sinuous shapes, Kaleidos adds to the range by bringing a whole new collection into the offer; with different types of seats available in different materials.

Along with the 100% recyclable polycarbonate version, made from a single-piece shell whose pleasant tactile surface finish makes for surprising 3D, reflective optical effects, today Kaleidos also offers a more classic brushed leather version, with hand-crafted, exposed hand-stitching.

There are different base-structures to choose from: besides the previous four-legged versions, the offer is now enriched by the sled-based chairs and the criss-crossed four leg base chair.

Evolving naturally from the Kaleidos chair, this stool stands out with its soft, essential lines and comfortable, wrap-around seat.

The shell is made of a single-piece of recyclable polycarbonate resulting from cutting-edge, plastic mould-casting technologies: with aesthetically virtuous looks, the edges of the entire seat shell are rounded.

The shell's special surface tactile-finish is especially pleasant to the touch and makes for surprising 3D, reflective optical effects.

The Kaleidos stool is also available in a more classic, brushed-leather version, with exposed hand-crafting and stitching: the suggested colours are black, natural-finish leather and dove-grey.

Kaleidos comes in three heights of steel-rod trestle-leg version, plus a gas-piston one, to adjust the height. In either version, the supporting structure - legs, column, lever and footrest - are entirely made of chromed steel. The supporting base is made of stainless steel.