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Twin Bookcase black
Twin Bookcase
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Sizes: height 82.8cm x width 98cm x depth 42cm
Colours: black
shelves: white and cool grey (reversible)
Material: lacquered steel, laminate

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by Lassen’s new Twin Bookcase – minimalist shelving with a modern twist

Twin Bookcase is by Lassen’s nod to the classic shelving unit, adding a touch of character and exclusivity to even the most unassuming of spaces.
With a stringent powder coated steel frame and reversible shelves, the uncomplicated simplicity of the Twin Bookcase is a natural extension to the Twin Table series and references the defined, cubic shapes of the Frame storage boxes and other products in the by Lassen universe.

The two-tone changeable surfaces of the Twin Bookcase encourage individuality and provide a unique opportunity for personalised home styling. With no superfluous decorative details, the Twin Bookcase offers a clean, minimalistic and honest expression in the best Scandinavian tradition.

The 12mm thin steel frame profile is available in black or cool grey and forms a quiet but solid foundation for the loose reversible shelves. The combination of strength of expression and lightness of form creates a modern bookcase that is both functional and aesthetic. With four open sides, the Twin Bookcase is equally suited for use on its own or as part of a row of bookcases. Place it along the wall, as a room divider or as a freestanding focal point in the living or bedroom.

Use the Twin Bookcase as a modern alternative to the traditional bookshelf and fill it with a selection of your favourite literary works. Alternatively, use it to display your favourite vases and objects, for storing files in the office, jars and cans in the kitchen or toys for the children. The options are endless!

The Twin Bookcase will be available in stores in January 2016.