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The chair ray sets new standards for rocking chairs, as the cantilever chair ray – only this time as a conference armchair. Ray not only combines the resilient seating sensation and the dynamic character of its predecessors in one, but also totally new forms of flexibility and this in an elegant frame made of die-cast aluminium. The innovative moving mechanism allows movement in an angle of inclination of +13 degrees, thanks to its seating surface that is rotatable through 360° ray opens itself to the room in every direction. Everything meets dynamically in one joint, which makes ray appear both sturdy and lightweight at the same time.
ray combines hardness with softness – concentrated in one place. An innovative combination of aluminium between foot and seating surface provides flexibility in a totally new form. Stable but flexible. Hard but soft. For talks, histories and thoughts.

• Comfortable conference armchair as complements cantilever chair ray
• Dynamic and elegant formal language
• Frame and arm-rests made of high-quality die-cast aluminium
• With gliders as a conference armchair, with integrated return mechanism, pivotable or as a swivel chair with open casters
• Innovative moving mechanism “radial kinetic activation” (RKA) integrated into the cast node
• For “active sitting” during longer meetings RKA enables a well-defined movement to stimulate the joint apparatus and the blood circulation
• The activation of vegetative functions increases the power of concentration as well as creativity and prevents physical complaints
• The deep fulcrum with optimal movement of the RKA enables elliptical movements in an inclination of +3 to +13 degrees
• An individual adjustment of the motion resistance is not necessary because of an intelligent and dynamic kinetic mechanism with non-shrink high-pressure springs
• A dynamic upholstery of the seating shell supports micro movements of the spine (H-frame: glass fibre reinforced 2-component high-tech upholstery carriers with polygonal slats)

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ray is a combination of firmness and softness – all in one chair. An aluminium connection between
the foot and the seat gives you a completely new form of mobility. Solid, yet graceful. Firm, yet so soft. For meetings, telling stories – or for thinking.

Like the cantilever ray, the new ray also sets new standards for conference areas – but this time as a conference chair. It not only combines the elastic seating sensation and the dynamic character of its predecessor, it also provides completely new forms of flexibility. The rotatable seat seems to float above an elegant die-cast aluminium frame, which houses an innovative movement mechanism. It bounces, sways and provides an open view of the room in all directions – ray is a moving experience, even at long meetings.