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Unicus 1358
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Product description

UNICUS – clear outlines characterize the range designed by Prof. Matthias Rexforth. The elegance of the design allows the discreet integration of the bar stool into different architectural environments, completing and elegantly complementing the UNICUS model range.

4-foot frame made from Ø 16 x 2 mm tubular steel (Zste420). The upper sections of the rear legs are formed (bent) with a R 27 mm interior curvature. 25 x 8 mm flat-steel frame ribs have been equipped with drill holes to accommodate the seat shell. Frame and foot support made from Ø 16 x 2 mm tubular steel (Zste420). The Ø 12 mm lateral connecting bars have been welded to the frame (through metal active gas welding).

Frame surface
Standard version of the frame: powder-coated in black, optionally powder-coated according to the BRUNE® collection or chrome-plated.

Seat shell
Ergonomically shaped plastic shell (polypropylene) with an innovative 2-component “sandwich structure” featuring glassfibre reinforcements that guarantee high levels of elasticity, toughness and rigidity, a slim outline and full recyclability. The dyed fabric has a lightfastness of 6-8 on the Wool scale (maximum value: 8). A non-slip coating has been applied to the interior surfaces of seats and back supports, while their exterior surfaces have a smooth and high-gloss finish, optionally with seat cushion according to BRUNE® collection.

Width: 56 cm
Depth: 56 cm
Height: 96 cm
Seat height: 77 cm
Weight: 7,0 kg

Product family


UNICUS – stacking chair with and without armrests by Prof. Matthias Rexforth which is remarkable for its plain design and the exceptional comfort of its ergonomically shaped plastic shell. Due to its simple shape and its basic elegance there are many opportunities of use. Its shapely base structure underlines the oating character of the exible seat shell. Different colours allow for diverse variations in the design. The sophisticated shape of the shell which is re ected in its high class plastic makes the UNICUS unique. The different surface structures on its front and back allow for a symbiosis of comfortable seating and timeless elegance.